Highlights of the Program Structure and Set-Up:

Story Time • Outdoor Activities • Role Play
Indoor Puzzles & Games • Arts & Crafts
Playing with Blocks of Different Shapes and Sizes
Singing and Dancing to Rhymes and Music • Yoga

Our ratio of children to adults is low – 4 to 5 to a caregiver, making certain each child receives top-quality care. Our location is a state licensed, home-based daycare facility, and has met and exceeded all health and safety guidelines.

We offer homemade, healthy meals made from scratch using only organic ingredients… this is included in the price of the care we give.

Flexible hours to cater to both those who want to start late, as well as early – 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM.

Other Attributes:

  • Safety is a priority. We operate in a secure setting.
  • Clean environment – contributes to low child sickness rate.
  • Open communication and daily reports on child’s day.
  • Potty training.
  • Provided cotton color-coded bedding for each child.
  • TV-Free environment.
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  • Reading Corner/Circle Time We read books, use flannel board stories and encourage talking by asking open-ended questions about weather, family, friends, neighborhood, festivals, show and tell sharings, and much more.
  • Indoor Puzzles and GamesChildren play with matching shapes, self-correcting puzzles, and Legos. We promote self sufficiency by encouraging them to use zips, buttons, strings, etc. These activities help in physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development.
  • Outdoor ActivitiesChildren play with slides, gentle Roller Coaster ride, playhouse, balls, trucks, and tricycles. This helps to stretch their muscles and develop larger motor skills.
  • Arts and CraftsChildren create collages, use a variety of paint materials, enjoy sticking, cutting, tearing, gluing, and love playing with Play-Doh. These activities develop fine motor skills and help children express their feelings.
  • LearningChildren play with blocks of different shapes and sizes, and charts which help them learn and develop mathematical concepts like counting, classification, and logical thinking, recognizing numbers, the alphabet, colors, weather, clock, calendar days, and much, much more.
  • Singing and Dancing to Rhymes and Music from Different Parts of the WorldWe sing action songs which help children develop their large motor skills and help them enjoy music. They also learn to relate music to appropriate actions and cultures.
  • Role PlayChildren role play using kitchen sets, dolls, stuffed toys, dress-up clothes, pretend food, etc. Through these activities they learn to share and develop their social skills. This also enhances their cognitive development.